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Catalogue Name
  2016 Spring Collection_SUNENGINE---dc12Vappliance
  2015 Autumn Collection-JIMING Emergency Lighting --- iemergencylight
  2015 Autumn Collection_SUNENGINE---solardcappliance
  2015 Spring Collection_SUNENGINE
  2014 Emergency Lighitng-Autumn
  2014 NEW UL Approved Emergency Lighting Collection---Emergency Lighting-Exit Signs-Remote Head
  2014 spring collection new models: Solar DC Applia
  2013 NEW Solar DC Appliance catalogue
  2013 NEW Solar DC Appliance catalogue
  2013-09 NEW Solar DC Appliance catalogue-08-2013
  2013 NEW DC rechargeable fan-W2
  2013 NEW DC hair dryer-W
  2013 NEW DC kettle-W
  2013 NEW Home solar energy lighting system-W
  2013 NEW DC electric iron-W
  2013 NEW Emergency lighting system-W(1)
  2013 NEW DC fan-W
  2013 NEW Emergency lighting system-W
  2013 NEW DC rechargeable fan-W1
  2013 NEW Emergency LED bulb
  2013 NEW Solar energy lighting system
  2013 NEW Solar DC electric appliances-S
  2013 JIMING Company new video instruction
  2013 Products Catalogue
  WINGIN-JIMING Corporate brochure-2013S
  Alibaba-Assessed Supplier main production verifica
  Supplier Assessment Report-Ningbo Jiming Electric
  Jiming New Catalogue-2011
  JIMING Company Introduction
  2012 Summer seasonal promotion
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